I’m feeling a bit out of sorts. There is a lot going on, but at the same time I feel like things are calmer than they’ve been in a long time. We aren’t planning a wedding this year. We aren’t adopting two new puppies this year. There aren’t really any MAJOR life events taking place this year – as far as I know.

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Oopsie whoopsies.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything. That can happen so easily.
So, since October:
-I started a new job (spoiler alert: I love it)
-We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, my birthday, New Year’s (this year I’ll be 30…eep)
-Two of our friends got engaged (congrats, Jonathan and Deanna! Yay for a September ’17 wedding!)

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Sweating for the Wedding, Kettlebells Before Wedding Bells, White Dress Workout and Other Atrocities

I hate the pressure that women put on themselves to lose tons of weight before their wedding. I dislike the phrase “Sweating for the Wedding”. I greatly dislike the multitude of workout regimens out there for women to shed weight quickly, weeks before their big day. Because obviously you’ll be that much more in love and happier if you’re 30 pounds lighter on your wedding day… Continue reading