Who am I?
• Wife of a super (loving, caring) nerd
• Pet momma to two what we thought were beagle-sized puppies (but they are 80+ pounds each)
• Voracious reader
• Addicted to Kate Spade
• Aspiring traveler
• Studio Art and Art History graduate
• On/off gym goer
• New recipe attempter
• Nutrition and wellness learner
• Obsessed with weddings (stationery, décor, flowers, dresses, colors, place settings, etiquette, all of it…)
• Semi-OCD, Type-A, annoyingly high attention to detail, avid list maker
• Ongoing learner

Why start a website and blog?
I want to:
• Create a space where I can collect all that inspires me
• Push myself to create new content each day (beyond the standard pictures of my dogs)
• Attempt to get my name out there as a marketer, writer, editor, project manager and content manager

My Goals
• Make being creative a priority for myself
• Get back into a rhythm of personal writing

• Help small businesses grow their brand through web and social media content
• Connect to creative individuals and businesses
• Learn more about…everything


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