We’re The Ladies

I know a lot of people dislike the show Girls and, even more so, hate Lena Dunham. I love the show, and Lena, and I’m not ashamed of it. It isn’t a show I can binge watch because the bickering and pettiness is all too real, but I think the writing is great and some of the episodes have really stuck with me.

In the second episode of the first season, Hannah, (by the way: people hate on Lena Dunham because they don’t like her character, Hannah Horvath. Hannah is pretty horrible. But hey, guess what – Hannah is not Lena. Lena is not Hannah. Hannah is a character, being brought to life by Lena. And, side note, other people hate Lena because they think she molested her sister. I read her memoir and that is not what I thought when I read that part of the book, at all. End rant.) Jessa, and Shoshanna are talking about a guy Hannah is dating. Shosh pulls out the book, “Listen, Ladies: A Tough Love Approach to The Tough Game of Love” and offers advice. Jessa doesn’t agree that she is “the ladies” that the book is speaking to, but Shoshannah says, “Obvi, we’re the ladies.” Obvi.

Anyway, that was running through my head last night and made me think about some of the guys I dated before Jonathan. Jonathan and I met online, but before I met my husband, there were others (I hope you’re visualizing Jin from Lost saying, “Udders”). Here are some deal breakers based on my experience with online dating. Point blank, ladies.

  • He has pet rats. Rats aren’t pets.
  • He is an “entrepreneur”. Sohe doesn’t have a job.
  • He is breeding geckos to create a new type of gecko. No, thank you.
  • He talks about his ex all the time. Not over her.
  • He’s never heard of bruschetta. ::blank stare::
  • He only eats pizza and Jimmy Johns. Branch out. Eat some bruschetta!
  • He’s allergic to dogs. Not ok. Will never work.
  • He doesn’t come visit you or show interest in hanging out with your friends. Duh, total deal breaker.
  • He doesn’t regularly shower. Ick.
  • He doesn’t communicate…


There you have it, ladies.




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