Sweating for the Wedding, Kettlebells Before Wedding Bells, White Dress Workout and Other Atrocities

I hate the pressure that women put on themselves to lose tons of weight before their wedding. I dislike the phrase “Sweating for the Wedding”. I greatly dislike the multitude of workout regimens out there for women to shed weight quickly, weeks before their big day. Because obviously you’ll be that much more in love and happier if you’re 30 pounds lighter on your wedding day… Continue reading


Getting Healthy: I Should Just Blame It All On Being Deprived of Lunchables

I’ve never been “good” at eating healthily. It’s a struggle, especially when there are so many foods out there that are delicious. Since January, I’ve made a huge effort to change the way I eat and to exercise. Originally this was in an effort to lose weight for my wedding. I told myself that I wasn’t going to be one of those brides who obsessed over weight loss, but it was hard not to. I thought I’d look better 30 pounds lighter in my wedding dress. Maybe I would have, but that isn’t important. I needed something to force me to make a change in my health. For me it was my wedding.

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The Windsor


We really want to buy a house. Rather, we really want the space that a house can offer. Closet space, storage space, space for our stuff, larger rooms…more space. We don’t really want to “buy” a house. We just want the space.

About a year and a half ago I became semi-obsessed with finding a house. I think this was partially because our friends were starting to buy or build new homes. We’d visit and I’d be so jealous of the newness and the amount of space. I want to decorate a new home, pick out appliances, pick out countertops and paint colors.

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