Wedding Décor and Flowers: Where do you begin?

I wrote this as a sample for a job interview, but since I love weddings and flowers so much, thought I’d share!

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are a number of decisions to be made. You’ll find countless checklists, books, or binders to help you stay organized, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are a lot of choices that go into planning your big day. Some decisions will be easier than others, and you likely already know the specifics when it comes to certain things, like cake flavor or how you’ll wear your hair. One area where you might be uncertain: décor and flowers. With so many options for both, where do you begin?

Think about the overall tone you want for your wedding day. Is it tuxedos, sequin dresses, and champagne flutes? Or is it suits, cocktail dresses with cowboy boots, and mason jars? Maybe suspenders and bow tie, shift dresses, and mercury glass votives?

Once you have a general idea of the style of your big day, flip through some wedding magazines or browse Pinterest to gather more inspiration. Save photos of any and everything that catches your eye – vases, bouquets, candles, signage, plating. You’ll likely start to see a trend emerging.

If you are purchasing your own décor, start early and keep your eye out for sales. Search online or at local shops for deals. You can also check with your vendors – your reception may have table décor included in their fee and your florist may have vases you can rent.

Speaking of the florist…what about flowers? Here’s another area where there are a number of options. Start with what you like:

  • What is your favorite flower?
  • Do you love the smell of certain flowers?
  • What colors do you want included?
  • Are there flowers with specific meanings to you?
  • What are the arrangements like in the photos you’ve saved? Are they tall and lavish? Low and lush?

Also ask yourself the opposite. These are just as important to share with your florist:

  • What is your least favorite flower?
  • Are there flowers with an odor you dislike? (Probably don’t include these in your bouquet…)
  • Are you allergic to any flowers? (Definitely do not include these in your bouquet…)

As you visit florists, they should be able to help navigate you as well. They’ll also know what will be in season around your wedding date and what size flowers will work best to complete your vision.

Finally – don’t go crazy. Early in the planning process you may have a million ideas for projects that you want to do for décor. As the wedding day gets closer, don’t be afraid to let a few of those go. If you’re feeling stressed out and the thought of painting wine bottles is giving you nightmares, delegate the task to your bridesmaids, or forego it altogether. The most important thing on your wedding day is being in the moment, soaking in the love from your family and friends, and celebrating with your new spouse.


Our wedding day flowers were by FlowersFlowers in Evanston, IL. See more of their work on Instagram.


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