Wedding Invitations: All you have to do is mail a card, right?

I wrote this as a sample for a job interview, but I generally enjoy talking and writing about weddings – and especially stationery. Thought I’d share here. 

For some couples, picking out and sending wedding invitations is exciting. Others may find it overwhelming. Invitations seem like they should be simple, right? Piece of paper, the five W’s, and RSVP date. The truth is wedding invitations can get a little more complicated. Let’s start by breaking down what should be included in a typical invitation suite:

The Invitation: Typically the largest card of the bunch, and sometimes the only card needed, the invitation has the essential information. While there are additional details you can include here, what you really need are your names, your date, and where your wedding is taking place.

Sometimes couples may decide to mention their families, a note about the reception, or other brief details. Recently, couples have also been including e-reply information on the invitation in an effort to keep things simple – that’s up to you. Traditionally, you’d keep the reply information on its own card.

Speaking of…

The Reply Card: A traditional reply card should include (surprise, surprise) the reply date! It should also have space for your guests to write their names and indicate which entrée they’d like at the reception (if you’re providing options).

If you’re having guests reply via email or through your wedding website, include the website URL and any special instructions needed to access your site.

Don’t forget…

The Details: Maybe you have an entire weekend full of activities, or perhaps you’re having a destination wedding and want to provide additional information. Sometimes there’s just more that you want to let your guests know! That’s where a Details Card comes into play. This card is where you can include information about accommodations, a map to the venue, driving directions, pre- or post-wedding day events like a welcome dinner or send-off brunch, or any transportation details for guests.

What’s the best way to get started? Look online for inspiration and get a feel for what you like. Visit stationery shops and browse invitation albums. Being able to touch paper stocks and see different print methods might help you narrow your search. Stationery shops can also help you get a sense of cost and production time. If you decide to order your invitations from an online shop, see if you can get samples prior to placing your order.

When it comes to your wedding stationery, go with whatever direction feels best to you. Invitations can be a fun way to set the tone for your wedding day. Guests will be excited to receive their invitation in the mail and it’ll be fun for you as you receive reply cards in the mailbox (Cards from family and friends vs. bills? Yes, please!) The important thing is that your guests know they’re invited and can start the countdown to your big day.

The wonderful Tanya Homan designed our wedding day stationery. Find her on Etsy

Other images are from Emily Cavanagh of dash/wood. Find out more about her here and follow her on Instagram


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