The First Blog

Oh, boy. The first post. Where do I begin? What should I write about? …who cares?

I haven’t been totally happy with my job for the past year. Like any job, it would be good some days, horrible other days, and most days were somewhere in the middle. It was unfortunate things were going so sour because this was my first “big girl” job. I was lucky to be given opportunities to interact with a lot of folks throughout the company. I was given lots of opportunities – period. It was great. I’m very thankful for those experiences. But then everything kind of shifted and things got weird and I kept waiting for things to get better. A year later, I’m still waiting.


I got married a few months ago. It was wonderful. I’m sure I’ll write about it at some point. It was a really awesome day. People don’t lie when they say it goes by too quickly. The reception seemed like it was over within 10 minutes. We had a great wedding day, an amazing, relaxing honeymoon, then all of a sudden I was back at my desk at work and was miserable.

I started looking for anything else immediately. Looking online, emailing friends, emailing former coworkers, emailing anyone I could think of in search of other opportunities. Then I gave myself a deadline: I wanted to be out by the end of July. I couldn’t take it any longer. Three weeks out I gave notice. I kept searching. I’ve had a few interviews here and there. The search continues. I’m mostly okay with this. I’m juggling a bit of anxiety about the future, about if this is a “smart” decision or if I’m making a huge mistake.

But I keep coming back to the fact though that I’m unhappy. I know that traditionally you’re supposed to stay at one job forever, never quit without something lined up, and endure the unhappy days – just deal with it. I can’t. I can’t do that.

So I’m trying my best to stay positive and tell myself that this is the right decision. I’m going to take this time to do the things I’ve been too tired to do while I was working: go to the gym, walk my dogs, clean our house, cook and prepare meals, write our wedding thank you notes, read more books, be more creative…whether this means getting back to photography or making art. I want creativity back in my life.

Thus: this blog. For me, this website will serve as half a “Kathleen Meyer” branding experience, but the other half will serve as a creative deposit for me. A place to collect the things I find most interesting or inspiring, a place to write my thoughts on whatever strikes my fancy. So…cheers! First blog post cherry popped.



4 thoughts on “The First Blog

  1. Lara says:

    Congratulations on your marriage, the pictures were breath-taking and you looked so happy. And we need to get lost sometimes in order to find the right way again. Cheers! Welcome to the blogging life.

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  2. Chez says:

    Sometimes the “perfect” “adult” life doesn’t play out the way we want or expect. Sure, the ideal may be to get a job, excel in that job, stay in that job….but that’s not always how it works. Better you find out now, rather than look back when you’re 70 and go “I wish I had followed my gut and made a change a long time ago.”

    Having said that, I know of a place in Michigan that’s hiring. Come be my pharmacy technician! LOL


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